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What Safety Technology Features Are Included with Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE®?

Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE® Advanced Safety Technologies

Whether you’re a new driver, a parent, or do a lot of driving, you want to feel safe on the road. If you’ve been looking into getting a Mazda model, you’ve most likely noticed that they have i-ACTIVSENSE®. You might be wondering what this is. Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE® is a series of advanced safety features that includes active and pre-crash safety technologies. In this post, we will be exploring these technologies and what they do.

Active Safety Technologies

Adaptive Front-Lighting System. This technology will turn the headlights in the direction that you are turning. It also covers a larger area than halogen headlights. The auto-leveling function also helps maintain the distribution of light.

High-Beam Control. This feature will automatically toggle between the high and low beams when a vehicle is approaching at night. Combined with the Adaptive Front-Lighting System, this provides improved visibility.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control. Using a radar to sense the speed and distance to the car ahead, this feature will maintain the vehicle’s speed. It will also adjust the speed according to changes in speed from the vehicle ahead.

Rear Vehicle Monitoring System. This feature will detect vehicles approaching from behind in your lane or a neighboring lane. It will warn you if you try to change lanes while a vehicle is approaching.

Lane Departure Warning System. This technology system will detect the lane markings on the road and send out an alert when you unintentionally exit the lane. If you turn on the blinker when leaving the lane, it will recognize it as intentional.

Forward Obstruction Warning. Using a radar, this feature will detect vehicles or other obstacles in front of your vehicle. If you get too close and a collision is detected, this feature will send out a visual and audio alert.

rear vehicle monitoring system
smart city brake support and smart brake support

Pre-Crash Safety Technologies

Smart City Brake Support. When driving at 30 mph or slower, this system will make city driving safer by detecting and warning you of potential collisions. If needed, it will also apply the brakes if the driver doesn’t react fast enough.

Smart Brake Support. This feature can detect vehicles as far as 200 meters ahead. When a potential collision is detected, it will automatically apply the brakes to slow down the vehicle and avoid impact.

Acceleration Control for AT. This system will detect when the driver accidentally presses the accelerator and an obstacle in front. It will send out an alarm and a warning sign on the meter display.

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